Frequently asked questions

What are The Blue Butcher products made of?

We have 2 different ranges under The Blue Butcher brand, soy-based (grey packs) and dairy-based (blue packs).

Why soy?

The combination of soy and wheat has enabled us to develop the best meat-identical products. Especially in terms of bite and structure. We are also looking at other vegetable proteins to create even more delicious ‘No Meat Inside’ products for you to enjoy.

Is the soy is used in the products certified?

Of course! The soy used in The Blue Butcher products is RTRS certified (Round Table Responsible Soy). For more information, see

What does hydrated soy mean?

Hydrated means that moisture has been added back into the soy.

What does texturized mean?

Our texturizing process ensures our products have the right texture, structure and bite that our customers enjoy.

The Blue Butcher products looks like meat. Are they really vegetarian?

Absolutely! The Blue Butcher products are vegetarian. We also have a product that is completely vegan, like our burger, minced meat and meatballs.

What is the consumer packaging made of?

In line with our aim to reduce our impact on the natural resources of our planet, the tray we use is ± 95% PET-PE that has been produced from 70% ‘post-consumer’ recycled material.

Who can I contact if I have a suggestion, question or complaint?

We always welcome your feedback and, of course, want to know if you’re not fully satisfied with The Blue Butcher products*. Your input will help us further improve our products.


Please contact us via our contact form or by sending an email to:

*To enable us to handle your complaint quickly and efficiently, please keep the product packaging.

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